Through strict project management procedure, Optima can ensure the cost-effective and on-time delivery of every precision component manufactured. Our project management team consists of production operations, process engineering and quality engineering, who are dedicated to meet specific delivery needs. We strictly apply the production plan and use the ERP system and project management tools based on lean production to track the progress of each order.

Optima can quickly analyze and identify production challenges and then make the necessary adjustments to ensure on-time delivery as originally planned. We also maintain an open and continuous communications with our customers and provide clear and timely feedback on the status of the projects.

Our project managers (PM) are the coodinators among customers and internal departments. They represent the customers to accurately and timely forward requirements to help optimize and simplify the design & manufacturing process of tooling fixtures. As the key persons, our project managers (PM) manage the customers' entire projects, from concept start-up to finished product delivery.

Project Managers' responsibility:

● Support key tasks such as product development, concept design, cost optimization, planning and scheduling, performance indicators, project launch meetings, and weekly status updates to customers.
● Ensure compliance with commercial and government contracts, provide risk assessments, and act quickly and with integrity in all aspects of the business.
● Understand the laws and industry regulations of the customers' countries.
● Responsible for contract review, cost management, customer relationship, risk management, export compliance, etc.
● Interact with members of internal and external organizations involved in the projects to express customers' needs.
● Use PDCA and visual management system to optimize production and maintain industry-leading on-time delivery standards.

The best SOP was made to each project in production. Our project management team has been playing a leading role from the beginning to the end of production, with the following responsibilities:

● Confirming the timeline and products requirements
● Preliminary planning of production methods and materials
● Overall planning
● Supervising project development and planning
● Monitoring status of each project
● Ensuring quality control and quality assurance
● Controling costs and working hours
● Continuous evaluating production performance, plan effectiveness and overall results