Quality Supervisor

Job responsibilities:

1、Responsible for formulating quality standards, promoting quality plans, and implementing company management policies to reduce the customer complaint rate and internal rework rate, and improve the quality awareness of all employees.
2、Implement effective quality management operation system. Coordinate and communicate with internal departments related to quality to ensure that the company's quality requirements are met.
3、New product production quality control and improved tracking.

Qualification requirements:

1、College degree or above, major in mechanical related.
2、Have more than three years of work experience as a quality supervisor in a mechanical processing plant, be able to formulate departmental operation processes, and be familiar with medical, aviation, automation and other related industry standards.
3、Understand the quality management system.



1、College degree or above, major in mechanical, international trade or related; fluency in English listening, speaking, reading and writing.
2、2 years of business operation experience in mechanical industry;
3、Familiar with trade operation process and related laws and regulations, and possess professional knowledge in the trade field;
4、Open-minded, good business development ability and business negotiation skills, strong public relations awareness, strong entrepreneurial spirit, teamwork spirit, and ability to work independently, and have the courage to open up and innovate;
5、Diligent and pragmatic, able to bear business pressure and proactive.

CNC programmer


1.Technical secondary school or above;
2.Have 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis CNC programming experience, able to use softwares master CAM, UG;
3.With years of experience in precision machining or manufacturing engineering is preferred;
4.Strong teamwork ability, able to adapt to two shifts.

CNC 5-axis Technician

Job Responsibilities:

1、To produce components in accordance with equipment operating procedures, drawings, engineering process cards, and technical standards, and conduct self-inspection during processing.
2、Responsible for the daily maintenance of machine tools, equipment, and measuring tools to keep them in good condition.
3、Strictly follow the management standards of the team and abide by the safety operation regulations.
4、Responsible for 5S in the work area.

Qualification requirements:

1、Technical secondary school or above, CNC machining or related major.
2、More than 3 years of working experience in precision parts processing, and strong ability to undestand drawings.
3、With 5-axis CNC machining experience, and know how to adjust machines.
4、Strong teamwork ability, able to adapt to two shifts.